Complaints Management System (CMS)

Complaints Management System (CMS)

What is Complaint Management System:

Complaint Management System (CMS) Specially Designed & Developed to Manage the Complaints, inquiries and suggestion of Members against Electricity, Water, Sewerage, Gas, Security, Services, Working etc. Our high end BMS provides a way of solving the problems faced by the residents by saving time and eradicate corruption. The objective of the CMS is to make complaints easier to coordinate, monitor, track and resolve and to provide the management with an effective tool to identify and target problem areas, monitor complaints handling performance and make business process improvements.

The residents can access our CMS via state-of-the-art interactive Mob App, both iOS and Android. The complaints, alerts, warnings and info is immediately broadcasted to the CMS nerve center at the society security control room and/or complaint desk OR our dedicated Claystone Call Cen (if acquired). Security is alerted & despatched OR technician automatically assigned by our servers to the relevant task.

Web based or IVR based call routing system can also be integrated for members who do not use mob app. Thus enabling management quickly and accurately respond to customer requests submitted via different channels. By using this system, you can provide better services to customers and improve Quality of Service (QoS) and mitigate any further customer complaints.

Our back end dashboards allow your managers/ supervisors for assessing, analyzing and responding to  complaints, see frequency, continued problem areas etc.

When a new complaint arrives, our complaint management system automatically forms a new task and delegates it to the right person. The new task triggers a notification with a mobile push notification, SMS or e-mail depending on the system’s settings and on the urgency of the ticket. In addition, complaint tickets are easily manageable and reportable through a visual display.

Through this system, you will know how to handle customer complaints in a prompt, professional, and satisfactory manner that smooths the process for everyone involved.

You truly save of un-managed responses resulting in excessive spendings on maintenance teams.

You can see record of complaints in many customizable formats to better build analytics.

Integrate it with;

  • Mob Apps
  • Website
  • Call Center
  • Security Control Rooms
  • Gates etc