Security Management System

Security Management System

The System is Designed for a gated community . A standard feature of any smart city. Our Security guards operate fully linked access control system at gates.

The Society will be fully restricted for any intruders to enter without identification.

Residents , shopkeepers , contractors etc. can register their servants , maids , labor , employee , visitors remotely from the comfort of their home without having to visit society office, so there will be no need of going out of your homes.

You can report  the theft or any problem right away from our Security Management Mob Apps. Security or Fire Tenders will automatically respond at the scene of event.

System facilitates for servent/ employee verification through via police for any criminals record (if desired so).

It enables printing of servent/ employee cards which can be delivered at the employer address.

Our security system keep a close check on the employee, where they are assigned, for what purpose and how much reasonable they had been, their entry and exit time and whether they are employed elsewhere within the neighborhood etc.

Entry records are logged and problem child refrained from getting employment to another home/ office.

They pass via access control mechanism to regulate their entry into society each day.