Online Client Portals

Online Client Portals

What is Online Portal?

Claystone portal is secure online gateway designed to provide members, customers, vendors and partners with a single point of access to a society's products, services, and information.
Portal allows access to certain aspects of the project through a secure website. Access includes member profile, property detail, payments data, documents, updates on progress, online E-Commerce payment gateway or even messaging back and forth, inform and alert users for clearance of dues OR new milestones achieved by the management.

Some of our portal beneficiaries are:

  • Member; Access about project, property, progress, dues, payment schedule & history, challan copies, E-Commerce transactions, alerts on upcoming events
  • Vendor; Access to technology to best serve the society
  • Contractor; Access to file progress and register items
  • Architect; Access to interact as bridge between society and property owner
  • Property Dealer; Access to register with society to sell properties
  • Other Service Providers; Can be customized as deemed appropriate