Property Managment System

Property Managment System

What is a Property Management system?

Our Flagship Property Management System (PMS) is a core software application of Claystone ERP for operations and management of commercial and residential properties. PMS provides a centralized computer system to organize, schedule and perform the day-to-day functions and transactions involved in property and real estate businesses. PMS is a suite of tools that work together to help management incorporate Town Planning data, create inventories, set financial values of the properties, execute sales, and control memberships, payments/ receipts, and communications with members.

Society Information

The management can enter basic society configurations to start the flow

Land Records 

Records are lined up and configured based on acquired land or property detail, ownerships, rates, locations and allied data

Project Detail

As the society engages a Town Planner, its gets the outlay and maps of the project in terms of Phases, Sectors, Blocks, Streets, Plot Not etc. Thus allowing the society to import it into the PMS to get a head start into the next step i.e. Inventory Management 

Inventory Management & Control

With a authenticated inventory at hand, the society management accesses this prime feature to manage and control each plot or property down to sq ft level

Plot Data Sets 

Allowing you manage properties on the basis of commercial, residential, community status, Marlas or sq feet,


Allows the management to manage a property or set of properties on the basis of corner, boulevard, park facing, extra land or even the floor level in case of a building

Sales Portfolio

Enabling your integral sales teams and/or resellers true property visibility at the NEXT Level. Show your client or resellers what they want to see, enable them reach a selection and sell more by granting them comfort to view the property, its size, value and true locations even if they are oceans away


Control memberships, allocate or cancel on rules and terms of reference. Manage complete members data in true automation.

Payment Schedules

Create payment schedules as per inventory or single property or even some special category. Get the payments reflected to buyers/ members against dates payable. 

Letters & Correspondence

Create and issue secure and auditable Allotment Letters, intimation Letter, Allocations, Challans and receipts. Manage correspondence and associate with emails, sms etc


Get alerts on configurable indicators and markers to remind the management about receivables, correspondences etc


Generate standard and extended reports for Board and C Level management 

Audits and Logs

Set rules to audit the activities, maintain and monitor logs to control and manage whatever is happening on the PMS. See who is doing what.

Role Based Access Control

Your managers are granted access to the system as per their roles granted by the top management. No one can access data or records which they are not nmeant to accedes and view

We focus on Real Estate and Housing Sector with a view of facilitating;

  • Land Providers
  • Town Planners
  • Land Developers
  • Smart Cities
  • Private & Cooperative Housing Societies
  • Construction & Housing Sector
  • Economic & Industrial Zones
  • Helping you turn into automated and digitized world of Smart Cities
  • One window turn key solution to manage your enterprise from land acquisition to living as a resident and beyond
  • Supporting in development, sales and after sales domestic community services