An embedded Agenda, like any common calendar, enhanced with features dedicated

to your ERP and CRM system (links to your customers, employees, projects, invoices, ...)

Are You Struggling With Your Current Agenda Management Process?

  • Do you wish you had online access to your public records?
  • Are you struggling to be transparent with your citizens?
  • Is making sure that all of your documents are ADA accessible a priority?
  • Have you experienced difficulty getting your current processes online?
  • Is your current agenda management software holding your back?
  • Do you find that you don’t have enough time to do everything you need to do?



Automate Your Agenda Management Process from Start to Finish

Before the Meeting

An agenda management software solution modernizes agenda requests. Through an electronic form, requests are submitted along with supporting documentation. Then, agenda managers can effortlessly direct and monitor approval status and updates through a convenient dashboard.

Agendas and packets are put together automatically based on approved items. This includes the necessary supporting documents. Next, the staff publishes and electronically distributes the meeting information to the proper people.

Meeting attendees can access agendas on the go with mobile devices or through your website. Finding information for meeting isn’t hard, either. The solution offers a fast, comprehensive search feature – no more shuffling through endless paper notes!


During the Meeting

Agenda management solutions also equip you with tools to track and display live voting. Your legislative body can register their votes using a touchscreen. This data is instantly posted live for public viewing.

Simplify the video and audio posting process through time-stamped agenda bookmarks. During the meetings, you can bookmark audio and videos.


After the Meeting

When the meeting finishes, you can immediately post the video to your website. Viewers can jump to specific points in the video by clicking on the corresponding points on the agenda.

With an agenda management system, you can securely store all documents in one central electronic location. This could include valuable content and processes of your legislation or everyday program delivery and records responsibilities. One central location and advanced search features make it easier to find what you need when you need it.


Manually create events in the past or future

Record your events in the embedded agenda: Past events for tracking purpose, or Future events for reminder purpose. Assign events to a customer/contact, project, and/or users.

If the module Resources is activated, you can also assign resources to your event, for example, to track which room is occupied, which car is hired, or which video projector is reserved, when it was reserved, and by whom.

Setup module to define the events which need to be recorded automatically

Using the setup of the Agenda module, you can decide to automatically record events related to any business action that occurs in the application (For example, track your order, proposal, or invoice status change, track creation, or deletion of new customers, ...)

View events in different agenda views

View and search events using filters to view only the events you are interested in (by user, customer, project, status, or type).

If required, you can include in the agenda view, any events that are recorded into an external calendar (in read-only mode using the ical/ics import). Or, export your events into any external calendar using the ical/ics export link.

You can use different rendering views to review your events (view by day, by week, by month, by user, or the simple list). For example, the view "per month" or "per week" is interesting to show past or upcoming events while the view "per user" is great to know which user is busy or free to find the best time slot to create a new meeting request.

Features of Meeting Manager, the beginning of a new era in managing your meetings

Agenda Manager

  • Use a drag-and-drop agenda builder to create packets that can be accessed and reviewed on any device, then send a packet to everyone with a single click.

Minutes Manager

  • Create your minutes with a pre-populated template

Document Center

Store and organize information in the cloud with an easy-to-use online file storage tool.

Website Widget

  • Provide access to online agendas and minutes with HTML code that can be dropped onto any webpage

Paperless Agenda Annotation

  • Enable elected officials and staff to review and make notes on their agenda on any device, including iCompass’ free AgendaNotes iPad App.

Useful Product Integrations

  • Laserfiche
  • Sharepoint
  • Granicus

Creating meaningful, actionable community engagement relies on a robust ecosystem and integrated technology stack. Save meeting related documents, attach documents to your agendas, minutes and items and publish documents to your website with our useful product integrations.  

Everything You Need to Make Your Agendas & Meetings Effortless


Agenda Collaboration and Distribution

Easy-to-use item entry allows content contributors to saving time by entering agenda items, uploading attachments, and sending through approvals workflow with a few clicks. Publish agendas and minutes directly to your website.

Personal and Secure Board Portal

Give officials a personal, secure location to review and take notes on meeting content, including agendas, supporting documents, meeting minutes, and media. Keep board members in sync with in-meeting visual cues and integrated electronic voting.

Integrated Live Meeting Manager

Move from the meeting agenda to the Live Meeting Manager with a single click. Quickly record roll calls, discussions, motions, votes, and speakers. Easily update in-chamber displays, set video bookmarks, and queue items for board members.

Insightful Analytics

The intuitive analytics interface allows you to create, save, and export custom data models, giving you the control over the data you need to inform your decision-making.

Boards and Committees Module

A single hub to manage all board-related logistics. Track terms, appointments, and applicants. Interactive dashboards give you the tools you need to keep board information up to date.

Become the Hero of the Public Meetings Process

 Ensure public meetings run smoothly, increase internal efficiency, and document decisions proficiently so policymaking is open and available.

Simplify Your Work Life

With easy-to-use tools that simplify your most time-consuming tasks, Our solutions help you get the job done. 

Streamline the Entire Meeting Process

Save time and paper by automating agenda approval and meeting minutes management. Streamlined workflows make it easy to juggle changing priorities.


Collaborate From Any Device

Clerks and council members can access meeting materials on any device to view and edit agenda items in real-time.

Provide Convenient Access for Citizens

Offer citizens and interested parties digital access to meeting agendas, live webcasting, video recording, and minutes in a central, searchable portal.