Application Management

What is Application Management?

Application management services (AMS) provide businesses with robust, comprehensive external support as an extension of their internal team that covers the full range of their IT needs, from incident and change request management to releases and updates. Its a software that manages the availability of network-centered applications within an organization, such as email, intranets and client/server. It monitors all the components of an application to see if they are up and running. 

Nowadays, more business application vendors tend to offer the latest fad over top-notch support – with devastating consequences. Because these applications are closely connected to the people and machines you work with, a change in either of these requires that the others evolve as well. In other words: support is essential to ensuring that you always get the most out of your IT solutions.

Today’s IT environments are high hly complex, comprising an ever-growing number of systems, vendors, tools and data. Managing this consumes the energy and resources of business and IT departments, which should be focusing instead on creating business value and driving innovation.

Finding the right balance between embracing change in a rapidly evolving world and keeping day-to-day operations running smoothly is a major challenge for CxOs. The goal of good application management is to avoid surprises while fostering maximum convenience at the same time.

Since not every organization has the capability of staffing full time AM positions, or is already dealing with IT backlog, many organizations rely on application management services (AMS) to augment their AM capabilities. AMS organizations enable the outsourcing of application maintenance and monitoring, and AMS firms then shoulder the responsibility of patch management, bug fixes, and enhancements, freeing up valuable IT, line of business (LOB), and DevSecOps resources. Even large enterprises utilize AMS services to help reduce backlogs, as evidenced by a Gartner report showing that IT backlogs were hindering application adoption.
Enterprises can prevent these backlogs – and the user-dissatisfaction, interruptions and other inefficiencies those backlogs cause – by outsourcing the monitoring, management, bug-fixing and optimization tasks for those apps to an AMS provider.

Application management is a key factor in a business’ ability to innovate. By ensuring that business functions are being properly addressed with modern applications, business process solutions can be brought to market more efficiently, quickly, and at a lower total cost. When applications are efficiently managed, more IT resources are available to focus on new business challenges and competitive issues.