Sale Orders

What is Sale Order?

A sales order is a commercial document prepared by a seller and issued to a customer. It confirms the sale of goods or services and details the sale's specifics, including the quantity, pricing, and quality of goods or services provided.

What is sales order process?

Sales order processing is the sequence of actions that a business follows to fulfill a customer purchase.To understand efficient sales order processing, we need to back up and look at the sales order itself, its purpose, and how it relates to some other order documents.

In general practice, businesses follow the steps below.

  1. The seller sends a quote to the customer.
  2. If accepted, the customer sends the seller a purchase order.
  3. The seller creates a sales order based on the purchase order.
  4. The customer may request a sales order to view the exact details of the products, price, terms and delivery dates. Most businesses usually skip this test.
  5. After the seller ships the products, they create an invoice from the sales order.