Use the shipping module to track your picking list, orders and quantity to ship or shipped


What is Shipment?

Shipment is often referred to as a group of goods or bulk orders.

For e.g.: Your shipment is ready for transportation. Here, the word ‘shipment’ implies bulk orders.

Let us dig a little deeper and understand these five shipping stages.

Shipping and Handling refer to all the activities from receiving and order until delivery at the customer’s residence. Also, when we say ‘shipping and handling’ it includes fees and charges related to the shipping material.

When the process of shipping is taken care of from the scratch till the end, it is called Shipping Management. In other words, Shipping Management is the process of planning and execution of the shipping process to ensure the smooth functioning of the same. It helps the companies to be streamlined and focus on each step of the process along the way.

Most of the industries have sailed on technological grounds. So why the shipping management should be left behind? Shipping Management has seen numerous technological advancements in the last couple of decades. It has helped them boost their business and expand themselves.

One small example of the use of technology is the shipping cost calculator. When we go deeper into technical aspects of shipping management, there are few noteworthy inclusions such as blockchain technology, robotics, artificial intelligence, the internet of things (IoT), and many such.


Increase Shipping Accuracy

Deliver the service excellence customers deserve while keeping warehouse shipping costs under control. The SmartTurn™ warehouse shipping system eliminates the need for warehouse staff to "double-check" item availability before every shipment. The SmartTurn inventory management software is an on-demand, web-based shipping solution that helps companies increase order throughput, accuracy, and speed by streamlining the picking and shipping process from when the order is received. Seamless integration between all processes means everyone from sales to warehouse shipping has access to the same up-to-the-minute order information, thereby ensuring orders are filled correctly with the right products and shipped on time. Companies using the SmartTurn WMS system can attain the 'perfect order' which results in higher customer satisfaction. In addition, inventory levels are automatically updated into the system after each shipment is sent to ensure accurate, real-time inventory visibility and control.


  • Streamline warehouse shipping operations
  • Decrease expedited warehouse shipping costs
  • Reduce fulfillment cycle times
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Manage and view shipments across multiple warehouses
  • Reduced costs for the business and the end customer
  • Simplification of supply chain processes across geographies, modes, and carriers
  • Automation of business operations for faster and more accurate billing and documentation
  • Improvement in visibility and security, especially in transit
  • Time savings—fewer manual steps result in fewer delays and faster delivery times
  • The ability to track freight, both locally and globally, on a single platform
  • Better import and export compliance minimizing penalties and shipment delays
  • New business insights as better reporting lead to faster action and process improvement
  • Improvements in customer service and customer satisfaction with real-time updates and fewer shipment delays
  • The ability to scale the business by meeting and exceeding customer demands for fast, on-time shipments


  • View and export shipment reports across status, customers, due dates, ship dates
  • Generate pick tickets and shipping documents directly from the sales order
  • Provide default picking locations to floor operators
  • Pick and ship items by various attributes
  • Pre-populate customer information when an order is ready to be shipped
  • Determine which warehouse to fulfill orders from
  • Automate billing upon shipment

Create your shipments in one click from any order. Compare the quantity shipped with the quantity to ship.

Define the planned date of delivery for each of your shipments so you can process them by priority or follow late shipments. If you need more information on your shipment, you can set up the application to manage any other custom fields you need.

When creating a new picking sheet, the weight or volume of your items can be both calculated automatically from predefined product data or manually defined.

Your stock is updated automatically when you make a new shipment. And records of your stock movement is directly linked to the shipment.

Easily track your shipment with a direct link to the transporter tracking tool that is automatically filled.

Generate the PDF of the shipment sheet and print it for your transporter or send it by email directly from the application to any partner.

If necessary, you can also manage/generate a delivery receipt.